5 Things To Do in a Self Driving Car

The day is coming when driving will be changed forever. Gone will be the chore of grasping a wheel firmly and negotiating the crowded roads of rush hour. There will be no slamming of the brakes to avoid colliding with an impatient motorist. The cars will drive themselves. Some already do. All that will be left is deciding how best to use the time. Here are five suggestions for entertainment while operating a self-driving car.

Streaming Movies and Videos for Long Trips
The possibility of watching a movie in the car has existed for some time. Now, however, the driver will be able to enjoy the film also. Once technology makes the driver obsolete, everyone in the vehicle will be able to stream video to the navigation screen and enjoy long trips even more.

Shorten the Work Day by Working During the Commute
While technically not entertainment, a self-driving car will enable an operator to work during the entire commute. Working from the car would theoretically shorten the time away from home and provide more hours of entertainment outside the car.

Staying in Touch With Friends and Family
Without having to operate a vehicle, connecting with friends and family on social media becomes much easier and safer while in the car. Visually dependent platforms will benefit the most as the operator can now look at a screen without worrying about crashing.

Learning a New Skill While Alone
Many people want to learn a new skill but lack the time in their day for mastery of a subject. With a self-driving car, acquiring knowledge will be convenient and easy.

These five suggestions will fill the time formerly spent driving in ways that entertain, educate, or even make you rich.

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