Buying a Used Fleet Vehicle for Maintenance Peace of Mind

Buying a previously owned car can be difficult. Although used vehicles cost less money if a buyer chooses the wrong car he or she can end up paying more than the purchase price in repairs. For this reason, buying a vehicle from a private seller can be a gamble. It is difficult to know how well the car was serviced or maintained in the absence of professional record-keeping. Buying a used car from large businesses which utilize fleet servicing can be beneficial in selecting a mechanically sound vehicle.

Fleet Vehicles and Preventative Maintenance
Parked-Cars-1024x682Vehicles which are purchased for a fleet are maintained on a schedule. This servicing is normally called Preventative Maintenance, or P.M. Preventative maintenance includes all regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer such as oil changes, belt replacements, and brake servicing. A vehicle maintained according to a PM schedule will not go extra miles between servicing. Because this servicing is an operational cost for the business, meticulous records are kept for each fleet vehicle. These records make researching the possible purchase of a fleet vehicle easy.

Rental Cars Also Have Preventative Maintenance Schedules
Rental car companies maintain their vehicles as a fleet and perform regular PM servicing. Purchasing a rental car means acquiring a vehicle that has been regularly maintained. Unfortunately, rental car companies only make money when their cars are in service and this can cause preventative maintenance to be occasionally delayed if demand for vehicles is high when the service is due.

Buying a Used Fleet Vehicle Means Buying a Service History
When choosing a used vehicle to purchase, it is impossible to guarantee the car will not require some repair in the future. Standard fleet vehicles are subject to strict schedules and there is a vested interest in the schedule being adhered to. Although fleet vehicles, rental cars may not have been maintained in strict accordance with their PM schedule due to retail demands. Either way, if you are looking for a used car and are concerned with maintenance, fleet vehicles may be a good option for purchase.

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